Coater & Developer

Automated resist coating /developing / baking equipment LITHOTRAC series

The LITHOTRAC series include resist coating, developing, and baking equipment that can be used in all fields related to semiconductor manufacturing processes for various purposes, ranging from research and development to production. Taking advantage of its high degree of freedom in design and the knowledge and expertise in photolithography unique to Litho Tech Japan, we offer products with specifications optimized based on customer requests.



The LITHOTRAC DUAL-1000 is a model equipped with both a resist spin coating unit and resist developing unit. Users are free to combine units, including the bake plate, cooling plate, HMDS processing unit, and clean substrate transfer robot. The system provided meets the stated specifications ranging from substrates of 2 inches or less up to 300-mm wafers.



The LITHOTRAC CB-50 is an automatic spin coater capable of optimum coating with functions corresponding to various coating materials and processes.
It's used by semiconductor device manufacturers and manufacturers of semiconductor equipment, materials, substrates, and masks across a wide range of fields, ranging from research and development to production.


Models and options for various coating films including chemically amplified resists such as ArF, thick-film resists, and polyimide are available.



Stable processing is continuously possible from PEB after exposure to development, rinsing, and hard bake. In addition to alkaline development models, the product line also includes organic development models that respond to the demand for safety and ease of use. The equipment design is optimized for each customer to suit various developing methods and substrate shapes.


Models are available with specifications according to your requirements, such as a developer dropping nozzle mechanism with reduced discharge pressure depending on the application, programmable swing nozzles, repetitive development, and high/low temperature development.