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Manual resist coating / developing Equipment Litho Spin Cup series

The Litho Spin Cup series products are manually operated equipment that demonstrate high performance comparable to automatic coaters and resist developers.
The line of products features as standard equipment automatic dispensers, various rinsing functions, including back side rinse, and automatic centering mechanisms. Unique specifications are also supported to suit your request by adding necessary functions and removing unnecessary functions. The product line include models that can handle multiple substrates of various sizes ranging from small irregularly shaped substrates up to φ450-mm wafers.

Litho Spin Cup 800C


The Litho Spin Cup 800C is a high-precision, multi-function manual spin coater that can be customized for each semiconductor device manufacturing process, covering a range of products from chemically amplified resists to thick-film resists.
The Litho Spin Cup 800C is widely used for numerous applications, including the production of diverse types in small quantities, device development in research institutions, process evaluations by semiconductor equipment manufacturers, material evaluations by chemical manufacturers and substrate manufacturers, and condition settings and materials selection by device manufacturers.


Just as with an automatic equipment, the number of discharge lines can be specified. The system comes with an edge bead remover (EBR), back side rinse (BSR), and automatic exhaust damper. Various other options are also available depending on the application, including resist temperature control, fan filter unit, chemical filter, and temperature and humidity control of the atmosphere inside the coating chamber. The system can handle various substrate sizes from small irregularly shaped substrates up to φ450-mm wafers.

Litho Spin Cup 800D


The Litho Spin Cup 800D is a manual spin developer that supports various development methods. Available models include organic development models.


The programmable swing arm and various nozzle types, including a stream nozzle, slit nozzle, and spray nozzle, enable development and rinsing for specific applications.

Litho Spin Cup 1200C


The Litho Spin Cup 1200C coater accommodates wafers up to 300 mm. The product line also includes the Litho Spin Cup 450C, which supports 450-mm wafers.

Litho Spin Cup 1200D


The Litho Spin Cup 1200D is a 300-mm wafer developer capable of handling development methods for various processes.


It makes it easier to set conditions that control the line width of resist patterns and improve in-plane line width uniformity on 300-mm wafers. It’s used for research and development and to produce a range of devices in small quantities.

Litho Spin Cup 200C


The Litho Spin Cup 200C is a low-cost, compact, manual resist coater that makes hand dispensing easy for experiments and development. It's also compatible with automatic dispensers.

Litho Spin Cup 200D


The Litho Spin Cup 200D is a manual alkaline developing equipment that automatically performs paddle development and rinsing conveniently and safely after the wafer is mounted.

Litho Spin Cup Qz1


The Litho Spin Cup Qz1 is a manual resist coater dedicated to quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) substrates.
It coats resists by automatically dispensing to extremely small substrates (φ14 mm and φ25 mm), which are difficult to handle with ordinary spin coaters.

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