Consignment business for study and measurement

Consignment business for study and measurement 

Litho Tech Japan Corporation has developed a broad range of equipment as a leading company for photoresist evaluation and testing equipment. Taking advantage of resist evaluation techniques accumulated during the course of our history, we accept entrusted measurement, experiments, and research, based on our core competence in optical technologies.
This includes entrusted measurement of the simulation parameters of resist and performance evaluation and basic analysis of photosensitive materials.
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Measurement service


Resist exposure analysis, Resist development speed measurement, material evaluation


We will accept requests for the entrusted measurement of resist parameters for lithography simulations using our demonstration machines.
The following site shows the details of measurements and evaluations that can be entrusted.
For more information, visit the following site for entrusted measurement and evaluation services: Click here.

Research service


We will investigate various lithography characteristics and optimize materials as contracted research by using our demonstration machines.