Resist evaluation system

Resist evaluation tool 

Litho Tech Japan offers a wide variety of equipment for advanced photoresist evaluations.
For example, our product line includes equipment for analyzing deprotection reactions of the resist and equipment for environmental tests.
We're committed to continuing to propose new evaluation equipment that meets the needs of our customers.

De-protection reaction analyzer for resist



The PAGA-100 is a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR spectrometer) equipped with exposure and bake functions for observations of the decomposition of the photoacid generator (PAG) during exposure and desorption of protecting groups during PEB in real time.
The PAGA-100 allows to calculate the deprotection reaction parameters required by lithography simulators.


Exposure function:                    246, 365, 405, 436nm and broadband
                                               (select by changing filter)
Illuminance:                              1mW/cm²
Exposure area:                          10mmφ
Bake function:                           RT to 150℃
Applicable resist film thickness:   200nm to 80,000nm


Option: ultra thin film measuring unit (for 50nm to 200nm ranges)

Proximity lithography simulator for MEMS

ProxSim II


The ProxSim II is a proximity lithography simulator that supports aligners for MEMS. It simulates the resist shape after development by calculation of the diffraction patterns based on Kirchhoff diffraction theory and the data of measured development rate.


Input parameter
・Exposure wavelength
・Pattern(L/S pattern, isolated line pattern, isolated space pattern)
・Collimation angle value
・Proximity and gap value
・Exposure dose
・Development speed data file

Output parameter
・Pattern profile after resist development, finished dimension, pattern

 sidewall angle