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Manual baking / cooling equipment LWB series

The LWB series products are manual wafer baking/cooling equipment offering performance equivalent to the high-precision bake plate and high-precision cooling plate equipped in the LITHOTRAC automatic resist coater and developer series.



The LWB-03 and LWB-03H are manual high-precision 200°C proximity baking equipment. LWB-03H supports specifications up to 400°C. Various bake plates and lift pins are available according to substrate shape.


- LWB-03
Manual 200℃ baking equipment
4-inch, 8-inch, and 300-mm models are available according to the substrate size.

- LWB-03H
Manual high-temperature baking equipment
You can specify an exhaust method and upper limit temperature from 200℃ to 400℃.

- LWC-03
Manual cooling equipment

Use to cool the wafer after baking or to control wafer temperatures before coating.



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The LWB-03P is manual baking equipment equipped with both a high-performance 200°C bake plate and a cooling plate. The automatic transport model transfers the substrate to the cooling plate to cool it after baking, ensuring safety. It is also highly effective for PEB thermal history management. In addition, it can be combined with two or more bake plates and high-temperature bake plates of 200°C or higher for various baking processes and wafer temperature control before coating.

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