Litho Tech Japan Corporation環境方針

Environmental philosophy

Litho Tech Japan Corporation prides itself on its profound understanding of the importance of regional and global environmental conservation. We evaluate our relationship to the environment at each stage of acceptance of various materials, manufacturing, and shipping to contribute to the shared ideal of an environmentally harmonious society.

Fundamental Principles

  1. Throughout our production activities, we promote resource and energy conservation and seek to reduce waste. We strive to maintain and improve a healthy environment and to prevent pollution.
  2. We comply with all legal requirements related to the environment and other environmental requirements to which Litho Tech Japan Corporation has agreed to comply. We also abide by all related social obligations.
  3. We are committed to establishing environmental policies, objectives, and goals. We strive to realize these goals, engage in regular reviews, promote continuous improvements in the environmental management system, and apply all due attention to ensure effective use of resources.
  4. We seek to raise the environmental awareness of the eligible persons specified in the environmental management rules and provide education and training to ensure they can take actions in accordance with environmental policies.
  5. We strive to be a company open to the local community and to society.

Litho Tech Japan Corporation
CEO Yoichi Minami

Green procurement activities

Litho Tech Japan recognizes that the global environment is the key issue confronting humankind in the 21st century. We promote green procurement to conserve the global environment and to establish a sustainable society.

As part of our green procurement activities, we designate suppliers willing to help environmentally conscious manufacturing as “Green Partners.” We ask for their cooperation in our activities intended to advance the environmental management system.